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beauty_advice's Journal

Make me over!
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Request beauty advice from our members. Need a makeover? We can help!
Welcome to Beauty_Advice!

Want to make yourself over? Need some advice about your look? Or just clueless as to where to start? We can help! Here are the types of posts that belong in beauty_advice:

1. Makeover requests. Please include a few pictures of yourself (under a cut) for reference, including what you usually look like when you get all fancied up.
2. Haircut advice. Post a picture of you and your hair and see what our members think would look good on you!
3. Non-Makeup Makeovers. This can include your teeth, your hair, your body, whatever. However if these are questions about things like personality/lifestyle makeovers, there are better communities out there! This might not be the best one.

Posts that DO NOT belong here:

1. Product requests. Please try http://makeupalley.com or beauty101 for those!
2. Drama starting!
3. Questions not related to beauty or makeovers. Try thequestionclub for those!

Need help posting pictures/LJ cuts? Here's a quick how-to.

LJ-Cuts: Copy and paste the following code, and then remove the *asterisks*: <*lj-cut text="YOUR LJ CUT TEXT HERE"*>cut content here<*/lj-cut*>
Images: Upload your picture to a host such as http://tinypic.com or http://photobucket.com and then copy and paste the following code without the *asterisks*: <*img src="YOUR IMAGE URL HERE"*>

Your mod is omglia. Get posting!!