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Nov. 14th, 2008

hello! i'm katie, i'm from canada.

i'm posting because i would like some suggestions from others. i have never done this before and i'm feeling a little apprehensive too.
i have a few questions in regards to my 'look'.

-curl or straight(keep in mind my head is flat at the back :P)
-hair cuts and shapes(even though i'm trying to grow it out)
-middle or side part
-make up colors for my face
-how should my make up be done to show off my eyes
-best lipcolor
-clothes for my body type

also, there are a few things: i'm not cutting or dying my hair right now, but when i do i intend to keep it long and natural, i'm growing it out. i think what i really need help with is what to do for my look right now. while i'm in the process if growing it out and not buying new clothes, yeah know, like should i wear it up with my bangs pinned back or what? the pictures that are me currently are the ones with the curly hair and cell phone. thats my hair naturally this summer and it's not actually that red/orange. as a heads up.

thanks so much for you help, any suggestions i appreciate!


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Nov. 14th, 2008 10:18 pm (UTC)
First let me say that you have lovely teeth :P And you've got really nice eyelids for playing around with eyeshadow! Try a few browns or golds and see how that looks. Remember that the darker color should go on the outer corner and in the crease and the highlight should go under your eyebrow arch. And then top that with a thick layer of eyeliner on your upper lid because you've got enough space to fit it in, lol, and then some coats of mascara to really bring it all out.
I can't really see your hair all the way in any of the pics, but it looks cute down without the bangs pinned back, and it also looks really good in the last 2 pics with your hair up.

As for clothes, I have to say that the last picture is a hit and a miss ... a hit because those pants are gorgeous and that shirt is cute, but a miss because you need something else over top! Without a cover up it makes you look bigger up top *Ahem*. Try a cardigan, a jacket, or a vest, all of which are really in right now!

Also I know you said you didn't want to color your hair but I think it looks really cute in the lighter color of the last couple of pics :)
Nov. 14th, 2008 10:25 pm (UTC)
i'm so glad someone likes my teeth! i'm saving up for braces right now cause i've been having issues with them forever. thanks for the input!
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